Divorce Planning

One of the most important parts of your divorce is the planning that takes place both initially and at each stage of the process. After you meet with your attorney, you can expect to have a better understanding of Virginia law and the application of that law to your specific family circumstances. With the guidance of your attorney, you can expect to leave our office with a plan as to the grounds for divorce, custody and visitation, equitable distribution, and support.

You will also know whether your attorney recommends that you retain one or more experts to evaluate and appraise various assets, and whether your case would benefit from having a custody evaluation by a forensic psychologist. At various times after the initial consultation, you and your attorney will meet to discuss whether the plan needs to be modified based on new facts or circumstances that have arisen or the litigation strategy of the opposing side.

After your divorce is final, your attorney will meet with you for a wrap-up session so that you will be cognizant of additional legal issues that are likely to arise in the future.

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