International Divorce & Custody Issues

If you or your spouse reside overseas, or you have property internationally, you need an attorney who has experience handling complex interstate family law issues. Our attorneys have handled international divorce and custody issues in both federal and state courts and have advised many families on the international implications of their proposed custody or property division intentions.

One of the most common issues surrounding international family law cases is obtaining support and enforcing support orders. If you have a support order that you need enforced in another country, you may need to have that order registered in the country you wish to enforce the order. If you are seeking to enforce a foreign support order in the United States, you will need to follow the federal and state laws in order to register and ultimately enforce the order. If you need assistance with these issues, make an appointment with one of our international family law attorneys who can provide you with experienced representation.

If you are dealing with an issue of international importance with the custody of your child, legal assistance is crucial. Having an attorney who has intricate knowledge of the pitfalls, strategy implications, and likely international implications of custody decisions is in your best interest. If there is any threat of parental kidnapping, you need a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your child is safe and that the laws are followed.

Countless issues can arise when you are dealing with international implications in your divorce or custody litigation, and prompt and expert legal advice will help you identify areas of concern and help you achieve the results you desire.

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