Marital Agreements

At any time after your marriage, you and your spouse may decide to enter into a marital agreement to address how your rights and responsibilities will be determined. This can be done whether or not you are thinking about a divorce, but if you and your spouse have separated, you and your lawyer may determine that the best way to address the resulting issues is through the negotiation of a marital agreement. These agreements can resolve the division of assets, custody of children, and support. The agreements can then be incorporated into a court order without the need for a hearing.

Our attorneys understand that divorce litigation can be a very stressful and costly experience for a family and that the best way to resolve matters is through the skilled negotiation and drafting of a settlement agreement that protects your interests and keeps you out of court. Our attorneys have been able to resolve even the most highly contentious divorce cases through skilled negotiating aided by years of experience and expert understanding of the law surrounding complex family law issues.

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