Support Issues

Child Support

In Virginia, the amount a parent will pay in child support is determined by applying the statutory Virginia Child Support Guidelines. At the most basic level, these guidelines take into consideration each parent’s income, the cost for work related childcare, and healthcare insurance premiums; however, sometimes there are adjustments based upon the percentage share of custody exercised by the parents if the visitation arrangements meet such qualifications. There can also be deviations based upon special circumstances or needs of your family.

Our attorneys can help you determine the amount that you should be paying or receiving in child support. If you are owed child support, either for current support or arrearages, our attorneys can file the necessary action to ensure that you receive it.


Spousal support, which can also be referred to as alimony, is awarded in some cases when a lower earning spouse needs financial assistance from a higher earning spouse in order to meet his or her expenses. The court looks at each spouse’s income and needs when determining the amount of support that is necessary. Your rights to receive alimony, or your obligation to pay such support, can be impacted by considerations such as fault for the divorce, assets available to each spouse, the length of the marriage, and the lifestyle enjoyed by the spouses during the marriage.

There are many factors to consider when determining spousal support, and our attorneys will ask you a variety of questions to help you determine whether you have any rights to receive, or an obligation to pay, alimony. As this is an often complex and case-specific analysis, it is important that you meet with an attorney to explore your circumstances and help you determine your specific needs.

Support Modification

If you are currently paying or receiving support based on a court order or written agreement, and your circumstances have changed, you may be entitled to request a modification to the support. To determine whether you may be entitled to a modification, you will need to bring a copy of your existing order and/or agreement with you to a consultation so you and your lawyer can determine what has changed and whether you are entitled to relief.

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